One of the most important and exclusive collections of Russian Icons from the XVIIth to the XIXth Centuries

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Antique icons are beautiful pieces of art, very old and extremely fragile. Far from being a painting, it is the people’s bible, icons have life. They have been prayed for and loved. We have recovered them so that they can return to what they have always been.

Our icons come from the most important icon centres of ancient Russia and Greece, such as Mstera, Ustiug, Palehh, Stroganov, Affon or Peshehonov, and they could be hanging in any of the best museums and churches in the world.

Most of our icons are masterpieces from the 16th to early 19th centuries, carefully selected and restored if necessary. All the pieces have been examined by the most important restorer and expert of Byzantine Art in the world: Jelena Savkina. In the event that the icon needed an intervention, she and her team were in charge of carrying it out.

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The Icons

Some of our icons can be perfectly museum pieces, all of them have more than one hundred years, some of them even four hundred. In the best museums of the world religious images as our own are exhibited. These images are orthodox Christians, many of the images like the Virgin of Korsun, The Virgin of Tichvin, The Virgin of Jerusalem or the Virgin of Iversk, were painted by St. Luke the Evangelist.

Most of our icons are images of the Virgin and Jesus, their lives and miracles, and Protectors Saints. Excepting very few icons in the world, only ours are ministerial certificated, what makes them increase their value on the market.

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"The Church tells us in her hymns and icons that the Apost­les were mira­culously gat­he­red"

St. John Maximovich



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